Sunday, May 17, 2015

Obama library exhibit Historic significance catastrophic failure and endangering world

Obama library exhibit
Historic significance

1. Doubled all previous US debt accumulated by presidents 1-43
2. Record poverty
3. As appeasement of Hitler was worst error of 20th century, obama's appeasement of Iran and enabling them to get nuclear weapons will be the worst error of the 21st century.
As Iran chanted death to America and Israel, Obama keeps giving them more and more concessions. WORST nation on earth.
Why Iran must be defeated
Netanyahu has a better answer, Obama!

why does he so desperately want the deal?  50 examples showing his diplomatic jihadism actions

4. First US President to hate America, work to weaken it, gut the military, hurt the economy, turn against all our allies, aid Jihad. 
5. record # scandals
6. record # lies
7. record # impeachable offenses but everyone to chicken to follow through because they are racists. Can't treat a Black man normally.

  see all the proof at these exhibits

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