Monday, May 25, 2015

Obama endangering the world in all ways

Obama endangering the world in all ways

Obama's complete disaster in foreign policy: Note 1
After the failure of the Arab Spring, the collapse of Libya, that fall of Yemen to Iranian backed terrorists, the massive spread of Al Quida and its affiliates,  the failure to act on his self-imposed “red line” in Syria, Russia’s seizure of Crimea from Ukraine and the terrifying rise and forward march of ISIS, (including their claim they will soon possess nuclear weapons  NOTE 2), and the catastrophic deal with Iran Obama is pushing hard, NOTE 3,  the only unmitigated positive on his foreign-policy spreadsheet remains the killing of Osama bin Laden. And that one was lucky since Obama campaigned AGAINST every tool used to find Bin laden. and now many of the SEALS who were in on the raid and died, curiously. All of our traditional allies have lost total faith in USA because of Obama. There is real fear Obama is motivated by a deep desire to spread Islamic jihad. NOTE 4
and now the world economy is moving towards terrible recession. The US economy has a huge role in this and Obama's massive regulations, anti growth policies are a prime reason. NOTE 5
Obama pretends to fight Isis, NOTE 6. He tries to distract us with the phony climate change issue. NOTE 7 And his plan to disintegration of American society through racial strife and riots is moving along. NOTE 8 all the while working to weaken and endanger Israel NOTE 9 and Hillary would be worse! NOTE 10

Today on the front American Air forces are running an average of ten sorties per day of which 3/4 of them come back with a full bomb load. As the "Heroes of Iraq" run in full retreat.
Obama assures us that "none of those troops were trained by the U.S." As it turns out most were and those in the lead for the "race by thousands" of the "Heroes of Iraq", which included heavily U.S. trained special forces, as we have trained all of their forces,
8. Obama and Democratic Party policies wildly exacerbate racial tension, wanting riots created Furgeson, Baltimore, etc ON PURPOSE! as George Soros funded outside professional rioters and pro Islamic terror groups join in for chaos,  control looting, thuggery, destruction, murder, racial tensions exacerbated to weaken and divide America further
Soros paid for the rioters to riot!
Democrat party bring evil and harm
Murder rate massively up in Baltimore now.
9.  Responding to Obama's lies this week about Jews, Israel, Iran
10. Someone explain to them the depths of Hillary’s depravity, corruption, lying, pro jihadism, anti Israel policies,and incompetency,?

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