Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jeb, Bush 41 and 43 and a jihadist Obama on Iraq war and consequences

Jeb Bush now says, based on info we have now, he would not have invaded Iraq. Senator Rudy Boschwitz R-Mn. was a member of my congregation in Minnesota and served during Bush 41. He told me Bush 41 did not finish off Hussein in Gulf War because he understood Iraq animosity vs. Iran and their long war with Iran  was good balancing force on region to keep Iran more contained. Now Iran is unchallenged in region, especially with US President in Iran's camp. I think Bush 41 thought Bush 43 finishing off Hussein was an error. With Iran exporting terror on 5 continents and Obama expediting their goal of nuclear weapons, seems clear he was right. Hindsight is easy but this is now key challenge of the day. Who forsaw Obama would forsake all our allies and embrace radical jihad? Many of us did but many blind Americans still do not see it.  Our main problem? Obama aids radical jihad

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