Thursday, September 3, 2015

2016 election. What are the top issues?

2016 election. What are the top issues? Under Obama, we have  doubling all previous debt, record poverty, more businesses failing than starting, 50% college kids no f/t jobs. record poor recover from recession, record low % women and blacks working, massive spike in murders, Islamic immigration, illegal immigration. For me? the top issues must be  Russia, China and Islamic terror growing and advancing as Obama has USA retreat, diminshes Isis 0, stabs Israel in back, guts our military, does nothing to impede Russia or China,  and makes this catastrophic deal with Iran.  #1 someone who can actually push contain Putin, China, and destroy Islamic terrorism from a position of strength. Hillary? Her rest button with Russian, letting all her classified emails hacked by our enemies, top aids are Israel haters and supports Iran deal as does Sanders.  I measure each Republican by how they can stand up to the brutes and evil monsters of the world, how they will rebuild our military and use it to prevent our enemies advance, as well as curb our economic deterioration and reduce racial tension.

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