Monday, September 7, 2015

Israelis oppose Iran deal 7-1 because of living in Arab lands as well as Holocaust

Why does Israel OPPOSE  the catastrophic and genocidal Iran deal 7-1? It is not just memory of the Holocaust. Don't forget the 800,000 Jews expelled from Arab/Muslim countries from 1948-67, They lived with Muslims and know them. Their kids ares most of the country now.  "Actually, half of the Jewish population in Israel has roots in the Islamic world. Their families were displaced by Muslims, not Nazis. Israelis think many of their neighbors are out to destroy Israel not because of the Holocaust, but because many of their neighbors say they are out to destroy Israel. Israel’s actions in the Middle East, in other words, have to do with its experience in the Middle East."

Catastrophic, genocidal Iran deal is WORSE than Pelosi “pass it so we’ll know what’s in it” about Obamacare. Idiot Democrats DON”T EVEN KNOW THE IRAN DEAL they vote on: secret side deals and moving goal posts every day.
1. Iran keeps upping demands after deal made.
2. Iran's multi front military threat to USA 6 ways…/irans-multi-front-m…
3. will spread even more terror on 5 continents.  Biden admits will use $ to spread terror
4. Makes war more likely
5. Verification? A joke! There is no verification. No right minded person would trust Iran.
               Iran threatens to kill anyone who reveals secret side agreements that let's Iran inspect itself
6. The Iran lobby now effectively controls US foreign policy and both Obama and Hillary…/iran-lobby-controls…
      6a. Iran bribed Democrats
7. Iran is laughing at our stupidity
8. Why did Obama want this? Not for legacy. Because he is a jihadist. Anyone who denies this is blind.…/why-is-it-so-hard-f…
9.  deal with secret deals and keeps getting worse daily.  How can anyone support for this monstrosity unless you are Iran lobbyist?

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