Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Not every Jew is a liberal Many of the leading thinkers and shapers of thought are Jewish Conservatives:

Liberal Jews?  Many of the leading thinkers and shapers of thought are Jewish Conservatives:
20) Jeff Jacoby: Columnist
19) Jennifer Rubin: Columnist and blogger for the Washington Post
18) Lucianne Goldberg:
17) Ben Shapiro: Columnist, radio host.
16) Pamela Geller: Blogger, activist, Executive Director of Stop Islamization of America.
15) Ari Fleischer: Former White House Press Secretary, CNN Contributor
14) Ben Stein: American Spectator columnist, actor
13) Ken Mehlman: Former Bush campaign manager, Former RNC Chairman
12) Michael Medved: 3.75 million radio listeners, columnist
11) John Podhoretz: Editor of Commentary, New York Post columnist
10) David Horowitz: FrontPageMagzine, David Horowitz Freedom Center, & Students for Academic Freedom.
9) Dennis Prager: 1.5 radio listeners, columnist
8) Jonah Goldberg: Columnist
7) Michael Savage: 9 million radio listeners
6) William Kristol: Founder and Editor of the Weekly Standard
5) Charles Krauthammer: Columnist, frequent TV appearances
4) Eric Cantor: was House Majority Leader
3) Andrew Breitbart:, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, Big Peace.
2) Mark Levin: 8.5 million radio listeners
1) Matt Drudge: Founder of the Drudge Report

Don’t forget Milton Freidman Z’L and  Leo Strauss Z’L

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