Friday, September 25, 2015

With respect, questions the Pope should be asked

Questions the Pope should be asked
1. Praising castro? How could you say
2. Lecturing USA about immigration? 1. We take in more immigrants than all other nations of the world combined. 2. We are taking in 250,000 Muslims a year already. How many are terrorists? More than 1/3 USA Muslims support shariah and jihad. Pope, you should be taking to the other 200 nations. 3.    and isn’t that hypocritical?
3. Why are you SILENT about the genocide and forced exodus of Christians from the Middle East who lived there for 2000 years? Why can’t you express support for the one country in the region where Christians live freely-Israel?
4. When you talk about income inequality, why can’t you see that capitalism has done more to life millions and millions out pf poverty than communism and socialism and that income inequality has INCREASED under leftist Obama?
5. Pope Francis Supports Iran Deal as 'Political Goodwill'praises deal with Islamic Republic as the result of diplomacy 'exercised with sincerity, patience and constancy. Are you a lunatic?

6. How could you say bible and Quran are the same? Have you read the Quran?

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