Thursday, September 3, 2015

What the Bible history and WW2 should have taught Democrats about the Iran deal

   What the Bible history and WW2 should have taught Democrats about the Iran deal
      In the Bible, God orders Moses to offer terms of peace to most nations Israel confronts on their way through the desert. But there is one nation so evil, Amalek, that God forbids terms of peace and orders them destroyed. Israel could not get the job done in the desert and Amalek endangered Israel and others for hundreds of more years, battling King Saul hundreds of year after Moses. (Bk of 1 Samuel Bible) The seed of Amalek lasted hundreds of more years, through the anti-Semitic Haman of ancient Iran, Persia, in the 5th century BCE who wanted to destroy all the Jews. (Bk of Esther in the Bible)
     IN WW2, Chamberlain made the tragic error of thinking the West could do business with pure evil, Nazi Germany. Churchill told him when he returned from his peace pact with Hitler “you had a choice between dishonor and war, you chose dishonor and will get war.” The Russian sacrificed 20 million fighting Nazis. England suffered greatly. We lost 500,000 of our best men. Evil was defeated and thankfully, Germany and Japan, have become allies and peaceful, but we did not offer peace terms with them until they were defeated, broken. President Kennedy’s father, Joseph, US ambassador to England at the time, kept urging President Roosevelt NOT to enter the war vs Germany. Churchill kept pleading with the USA to do the right thing. Roosevelt took his sweet time while Europe burned, but the consequences if the USA had not entered the war vs Germany and Japan, are unthinkable. A world run by Nazi Gemany. The 1000 year Reich Hitler imagined. Churchill said “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else.”
     The Democratic Party has made this same historic mistake as Chamberlain and as Joseph Kennedy urged. They have chosen dishonor and will get catastrophe, massive increase in terror, and soon a terrible war.
     Israel had to destroy Iraq and Syria’s nuclear weapons plants for world stability. When Israel first destroyed Iraq’s reactors in 1981, Congress was furious. A week later, they realized what an historic and important act it was. Obama has put in this perfidious deal that the US will AID IRAN against and Israeli attack. He sides with the devil. He is the devil.

Iran today is Amalek. Not all the citizens of course, but the leaders. The absolutely mean “death to America, death to Israel”. They have already killed hundreds of US Marines and many Jews around the world. They have taken control of 5 Arab capitals and are spreading terror on 5 continents. They are
a.     the worst nation on earth today (1)
b.    as well as unlike any nation in history in that they are willing to commit suicide for all their citizens in order to achieve the goal of annihilation of Israel. (2)
c.   the only nation daily that calls for the annihilation of other nations: they absolutely mean  “death to America, death to Israel”.
d.    This deal gives them the means to achieve those goals, NOT prevent or hinder them. (3)

     This deal, instead of forcing no centrifuges ever, never nuclear enrichment capacity for weaponization, anytime anywhere inspections, no money to buy weapons etc, gives Iran everything we said we would not give them. We got fleeced on every issue. Iran is laughing at us and celebrating and Obama and Kerry continue to lie and lie about what this pathetic deal does. (4), We have become the world's leading financier of Islamic terrorism.

     The Democratic Party, now controlled by the Iranian Lobby in the USA, (5) in slavish obedience to their Fuhrer, Obama, an Islamic  jihadist, always bent on Iran supremacy, and Islamic radicalism running rampant, (6) have now made it possible for this deal to be voted against by the majority of Congress but still go forward. Bill Clinton promised us that his deal with N Korea would mean no nuks for them. Obama’s false predictions about this deal are much worse because Iran will use them. A very dark day for the world. We have Obama and the Democratic Party to blame. They chose dishonor and will bring catastrophe and war. (7) It is not easy to stop evil. We must fight harder.

Read more abot the above with sources and analysis
. 1. Iran is the worst nation on earth and our jihadist president wants to give them legitimacy and money to make or buy nuclear bombs. Delineating their crimes
2. Iran will cheat, make or buy nuks, and use Nuks even if it means their demise.  Bernard Lewis, greatest scholar on isla,m:…/iran-willing-to-use… “It is their apocalyptic world view, Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis notes, that distinguishes Iran from other governments with nuclear weapons… Would leaders who did not hesitate to use children as cannon fodder in the war with Iraq, or who send suicide bombers to kill the innocent, be reticent about using nuclear weapons? How can the idea of Mutual Assured Destruction that prevented a superpower clash apply to people who believe the end of the world will lead to “eternal life and martyrdom?
3.  This deal threatens USA in 6 ways Endanger USA 6 ways: Iran's multi front military threat to USA 6 ways
Is why 216 Generals and admirals and 2/3rdsof national security pros are opposed to this deal.
4. To see a thorough list of the perfidious deal’s flaws.
5. The Iran lobby now effectively controls US foreign policy and both Obama and Hillary
6. Why did Obama want this? Not for legacy. Because he is a jihadist. Anyone who denies this is blind.
And he hates Israel and is an anti-Semite
His purpose is to weaken America and strengthen jihad
7. Is every Dem in Congress voting for this a traitor or just stupid? We’ll also find out how many took Iran bribe $?

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