Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Jerusalem could have HAMAS mayor in 10 years

Jerusalem could have HAMAS mayor in 10 years. Jerusalem LOSING 10,000 or more Jewish resident every year because of no affordable housing. Obama/Hillary/EU go nuts if Jews build in East Jerusalem, where 200,000 Jews now live. Arabs build ILLEGALLY whenever they want in East Jerusalem,, and EU/Obama/media go nuts if Israel tries to stop this ILLEGAL building. This is Beverly Sandler at Kever Shmuel/ Neve Shmuel tomb of Prophet Samuel looking at 2nd century ruins lower and above 11th century Crusader fort ruins and then above the tower to amazing view of all Jerusalem. On tour with Chaim Silberstein head of KEEP JERUSALEM. If you get a chance, take the tour. Jerusalem is in danger in 10 years of having a Hamas mayor. See for yourselves how and why. Few Israelis/US Jews/US Congress understands this.

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