Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Largest Rare Gefilte Fish Caught in Wild

Largest Rare Gefilte Fish Caught in Wild
ATLANTA, GA - APRIL 1, 2016.
As we are at the end of the competitive gefilte fishing season, it should come as no surprise that Jacob "Jew Fish" Fishman caught a 40 pound gefilte in Lake Lanier. After reeling in and weighing the giant gefilte, he quickly placed it in a tub full of jellied broth.
The record-breaking fish will feed more than 150 people and be topped with a carrot slice at Passover meals around Atlanta this Friday night.
The Gefilte population has dwindled to dangerous lows and it is by only a miracle that one this large has been caught and served with a side of horseradish.
Fishman said that he's simply taking some time to savor his achievement. When asked what he plans on doing next, Goldberg responded, "dayenu, isn't this enough?"

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