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Dozens of examples of how Obama's presidency is most destructive ever

How ObamaBidenKerryClinton and the Democrats are radically weakening USA and strengthening worldwide Jihadism by weakening the economy, massive Islamic and illegal immigration, fomenting racial unrest, and aiding worldwide Islamic jihad, gutting our military, while not hindering Russia and China’s expansion
1. Democratic policies are a domestic disaster

Wall Street Journal "With chutzpah one has to admire, the party that in two terms weakened, if not wrecked, the economy, now presents itself as its savior.”
More poor, middle class has lost ground, income inequality gap widened hugely, blacks worse off, terrible recovery, record # unemployed, more racial tension...
REFUTING LIES about accomplishments:
a. Record poverty and dependency…/more-children-living-po…/30415391/ even though Democrats created HUNDREDS of programs and spent $22 TRILLION over 50 years. Why? These programs incentivize long term dependency. Obama reversed Bill Clinton's reforms to wean people off welfare.
b. More businesses going out of business than being created
c. Middle class lost average $5000 wealth
d Record poor “recovery from recession” US economy sees the slowest wage growth ever recorded.…
Democrats faultbecause they produced the terrible Dodd-Frank law.
e Obama, Barney Frank and Dems caused 2008 recession, not Bush…/new-study-finds-democrat…/
f. Obamacare has been a disaster! cost 3x promise. Over 2.7 trillion. Chief Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber admitted it was sold to us packed with lies they knew about but hid from us. Obama lied when he promised we could keep our doctors and plans. He promised premiums would go down $2500 per family. They went UP! Doctors are fleeing the profession. Obama said we needed it to make sure unisured were covered. But there will be just as many uninsured! All we did was create a huge new bureaucracy, cost everyone way more.
1. Record black unemployment/blacks suffer under Obama…/obama-blacks…/2014/01/08/id/545866/
2. Getting them killed through efforts to lie about police leading to massive spike in black on black crime
3. Record poverty under Obama  Record poverty and dependency…/more-children-living-po…/30415391/ even though Democrats created HUNDREDS of programs and spent $22 TRILLION over 50 years. Why? These programs incentivize long term dependency
h. Record low participation in labor market…/record-93770000-americans-not-i…/
i. Stock market artificially boosted by massive printing of money. benefits top 1%  mainly
j. Obama DOUBLED ALL previous US debt by 43 presidents
k. Demagogues to scare away any changes which are needed to save Social Security (bankrupt in 2035) and Medicare (bankrupt 2030) for our children.
l. Over 50% recent college grads no full time jobs
m. Record food stamp use
n. gutting our military leaving us unprepared
o. Democratic real war on women:…/the-actual-war-on-w… record low women in labor force
p. Massive Democratic voter fraud
q. Economic mobility collapsed.  American dream is gone. Economic mobility worse than any other developing nation because of Democrats program keeping people on welfare and poor
r. majority live basically paycheck-to-paycheck
w. Obama illegal Executive Actions . Supreme court ruled vs him 9-0 on one so far.
x. By Democrats opposing vouchers and choice in education, we keep our public schools worse in the developing world even tough we spend MORE than anyone but Switzerland per pupil.
y. Democrats favor confiscatory tax rates which are punishing achievement and produce LESS revenue. When Reagan took office, highest tax rate was over 90% and USA took in $500 billion in tax revenue. When he left office, top tax rates REDUCES to the 20s% and USA took in 1 Trillion in tax revenue
z. Democrats want to spend $20 trillion on new programs by "taxing the rich". a. The "rich" already pay HUGE taxes. b. 100% of the taxes from the rich cold not pay for these plans and once you take away all the money from the "rich", what do you do the next year? Stupidity
AA. Hillary asserts economies do better under Democrats? Oh yeah? Carter massive inflation+interest rates+massive unemployment. Bill Clinton has balanced budget only because Newt Gingrich and Republican House made him shrink government. Nevertheless, his threatening banks to give house loans to unqualified people laid groundwork for massive economic failure of 2008. And now Obama destroying US economy.
CC. Obama education reform ruining education scored declined for first time since 1990
DD. Pushing to confiscate guns, just as Hitler and Stalin did, in violation of the 2nd Amendment, leaving us defenseless against terrorists, murderers, thugs.
EE. Forcing huge jumps in minimum wage kills jobs. Democrats fewer people employed. How does that help?
FF. Democrats support highest corporate tax in world, driving businesses and jobs overseas and  further punishing the companies that keep money abroad. Hillary wants to double down on this terrible policy. Republicans want to make US tax rates more competitive to lure the companies back.
GG. Hypocrites demonize Wall Street but meanwhile financial industry employes hundreds of thousands of middle class people. And the capital generated by these banks turns into capital for companies which makes more jobs. Democrats have no clue how to create jobs.
HH. Obama has already put out several major environmental regulations this year, including limits on carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants, more federal control over U.S. waterways, new hydraulic fracturing regulations and stricter smog rules.
In the last week alone, the Obama administration imposed $1.8 billion in regulatory costs, according to a new report by the right-leaning American Action Forum (AAF). This brings the total cost of regulation in 2015 to a whopping $183 billion — about half from final rules and the other from proposed rules.
JJ. h
KK. Beholden to teacher's unions, they cheat poor children out of better education by opposing vouchers. WSJ 12/18/15 Democrats try to kill vouchers every year because unions demand it. Never mind that Opportunity Scholarship recipients have higher graduation rates and more parental satisfaction than D.C. public school students. Or that the children who get these scholarships are from households with an average household income below $21,000 a year.
LL. Policies of allowing in Syrian rapefugees will get us killed.
MM. Behind the violent protests at Trump events and c pcoming GOP convention
NN. Obama's violent rhetoric delineated

00. Obama's climate change lie to weaken USA
PP. No improvement on VA scandal Obama campaigned vs in 2007!!

  Democratic FOREIGN POLICY NIGHTMARE Endangering the world  Wall Street Journal "When asked to state America’s greatest national-security threat, Mr. Sanders (in the debate) did not say Islamic State, which controls much of Syria, Iraq and Iran. He did not say Russia, entrenched in Ukraine and emerging as a dominant power in the Middle East, or even China, threatening its neighbors in the west Pacific. He named climate change. One can imagine President Sanders ordering special forces to the headquarters of Exxon, Shell and Chevron to haul off oilmen to re-education camps cooled and heated by renewable energy"
1. Obama aids Islamic jihad
a.      200+ examples of Obama support for radical Islamic jihad
b.      Iran deal worst catastrophic, genocidal deal by USA ever. Strengthens worst nation on earth.
c.       Obama flooding nation with Muslim terrorists /
 but REFUSES to allow in Christians fleeing for their lives
d.      Obama PRETENDS to fight ISIS. OBAMA CREATED ISIS First he calls them JV. Then says we have no strategy to fight them. Then after a year, has not diminished them at all. Russia goes ion with small # of planes and troops and within weeks has Isis on the ropes. That is how we SHOULD be fighting. Obama? Just pretending. 
e.       Obama says Islamic terror has nothing to do with Islam. Nothing ever more ludicrous has been uttered. Obama/the left’s BIGGEST/MOST DANGEROUS LIE? Islam is a peaceful religion. Next time someone idiot tells you that you are Islamiphobic or that Islam is peaceful, ask them what percent of Muslims support ISIS. Answer 81% by Arab poll. phobia, by definition, must be irrational. Fearing Islam is very rational.
 f.      Timeline of Obama’s clear anti-Israel policies
Add this from June 24, 2015
g.      Obama gutting US military, leaving us unprepared

3.      Allowing Russia to expand and endanger us.
a.    While Obama renames mountains in Alaska, the Russian bear is gaining
Russia expanding in Middle East, now deliberately attacking US backed Syria rebels and Obama does nothing.

4.      Allowing China to threaten us in Pacific Obama shrinks Navy to historic lows as China threatens China building islands in disputed waters
in the south China sea and militarizing them.

Hillary will be worse Hillary is the MOST CORRUPT and DANGEROUS person ever to run for president. 

1. Most Americans think she is a liar by poll, because she lies all the time. Prime example clearly is Benghazi when we now know she KNEW immediately Benghazi was an organized terrorist attack, which she told her daughter and at least 2 world leaders, but LIED to the Public, saying it was a spontaneous action based on a video. Repeated lies about why 4 Americans were killed in BenGhazzi.   Lied about being in sniper fire. just like Brian Williams  Lied about being poor when she was very wealthy

2. She committed Email felonies and jeopardized US security.  Violated rules by having own server, lied about it, then deleted all emails after congress asked for them. Problem is FBI is under OBAMA’s jurisdiction ultimately.
3. Completely AMORAL
a. That she was was Fired During The Watergate Investigation. As her supervisor at the time put it, “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”
b. Laughed about getting child rapist acquitted and passing poly
c. LAUGHS OFF supporter wanting to CHOKE Carly Fiorina. So physical abuse of women is ok?
d. Took and takes millions in “donations/bribes”from Arab countries  as Secr. of State. Used her position to enrich her phony ‘charitable foundation” which is used primarily to finance the Clinton’s lavish lifestyle. Takes Arab $
e. The Constant scandals  – including the opening up of 900 confidential FBI files of political opponents – cast Hillary in a suspicious light. Nothing was proven, but you know how that goes. “‘Whitewater-gate,’ ‘Cattle-gate,’ ‘Jenifer Flowers-gate,’ ‘Nanny-gate,’ ‘Lincoln bedroom-gate,’ ‘Travel-gate,’ ‘Trooper-gate,’ ‘File-gate,’ ‘Paula Jones-gate,’ ‘Vince Foster-gate’, ‘Helicopter-gate,’ ‘White House Coffee-gate,’ ‘Web Hubbell Hush Money-gate,’ ‘Pardon-gate,’ ‘Illegal Gift-Gate,’ ‘Monica-gate,’ ‘Benghazi-gate,’ ‘Email-gate,’ ‘Wiped Server-gate,’

f. Is it just a coincidence that over 80 associates of the Clintons who did something that troubled them, ended up dead? How many did she have killed?

4 Temperamentally unsuited. ANGER out of control,
5. The many stupid and wrong things she says:
6. Her war against women. Organizing effort to discredit the many women complaining about Bill's predatory behavior to advance his career., as well as paying women on her staff far below wages to men.  The most BRUTAL ABUSERS OF WOMEN & CHILDREN RIGHTS. Iran & Saudi Arabia & Brunel have BEHEADED OVER 30 WOMEN IN 2015. They stand in line like pigs at a feeding trough slopping up ever $$$$$$$ they can. A disgrace to humanity..
8. Only accomplishments as Senator or Secretary of State were horrible
9. Radical Domestic anti-growth political views. Her thes is was on Saul Alinsky, same influence as Obama had. being mentored by Saul Alinsky, Rules for radicals, as Obama
10. Pro Islamic jihad, anti Israel worldview  Sides with Obama’s appeasement on Iran   Anti-Israel except when she is running for office.
her top aid is from terrorist family :Huma
11. Mentally unstable
12. the record is clear that U.S. foreign policy collapsed on Clinton’s watch and the world is a far more dangerous and far less free place as a result.
Hundreds of examples of obama’s pro jihadist activities, of which she was the chief architect for 4 years 200+ examples of Obama support for radical Islamic jihad


Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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