Monday, April 4, 2016

Why can’t Rush and Hannity see what Obama truly is?

Why can’t Rush and Hannity see what Obama truly is?
Rush kept repeating today he can't understand how Obama can help Iran so much. Hannity constantly says he does not understand how Obama can have the views and policies he has about Islamic terrorism. The answer is so obvious that it must just be people are AFRAID the state the truth. I have heard from many, including Senators and Congressman that that is the case. The idea of a president who sides with Islamic radical jihadism scares everyone but we can't make progress until we state the truth first. I know many of you see the truth. Besides weakening the country on purpose, doubling our debt, record poverty, middle class suffer, massive spoke in racial tension and cop killings,
1.    Obama is pro radical Islamic jihad. I have a list delineating over 300 examples to make it clear.
2.    Hillary will have the same result.
Hillary Clinton 10 reasons why Islamic terrorists want Hillary to be president


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