Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jewish blood on Jerusalem streets and Biden blasts israel

Arrived in Israel yesterday to news of fresh Jewish blood on Jerusalem streets from terrorist Palestinians yet again bombing Israelis while Palestinians are broadly cheering the bombing, and just hours later, while the blood is not dried, US VP Biden, speaking at anti Israel conference J Street, blasts Israel!. Another of hundreds of PRO JIHAD, ANTI ISRAEL actions from this administration. Crooked Hillary is just as bad. These are the same haters who gave us the catastrophic, genocidal Iran deal.
1. Palestinians have ZERO interest in a nation side-by-side Jewish israel. They will NEVER be content with a state that dos not include ALL of Israel.
2. They are the same type of terrorists as the other 85 other Islamic terror groups, like Isis that are rapeing and murdering their way through Europe. These Palestinians want all Jews dead.
3. Majority of Palestinians support violent jihad, bombings, stabbings etc.
4. Nothing Israel can do can appease the genocidal desire of Palestinians.
5. Israel 100% withdraws from Gaza 2005 and instead of Palestininians exercising freedom, they shot 10,000 missiles at israel plus Israel has tried several times to offer virtually all the West Bank, and Palestinians responded with violence.
6. US college pro palestinian/ pro BDS groups are part of Islamic terror group Muslim Brotherhood.
7. Israel has tried several times to offer virtually all the West Bank

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