Friday, April 1, 2016

Why it is imperative Republicans win:

Why it is imperative Republicans win:
If Democrats win, this plus more nightmares: 1. allow in unvetted Isis killers 2. More job killing regulations destroy more manufacturing 3. More abusing federal agencies vs conservatives 4. Higher taxes to stunt growth 5. Aiding and abetting Islamic jihad 6. More pressure Israel on Israel to empower terrorist Palestinians 7. Further weakening our military 8. Gun confiscation efforts 9. End all limits on abortion, even allowing babies born alive in botched abortion to die unattended (Obama supports) 10. Embracing more tyrants like Castro and Venezuela 11. Open borders allow in limitless unskilled, illegal migrants and not deport violent felons 12. Prosecute us if we oppose climate change phoniness or criticize Islam 13. Force Christians to violate religious beliefs 14. Supreme Court will become radicalized for a generation 15. Iran will never be confronted with any of its violations of this catastrophic treaty 16. Obamacare nightmare continues as premiums surge, doctors retire in record numbers 17. Social security and Medicare are not fixed, leading to quicker bankruptcy 18. add to our doubled debt under Obama 19. more poverty on top of record poverty 20. Add to record # quit looking for jobs 21. More cop killings and riots, increased racial tension
Obama and Hillary jihadists, radical leftists, Bernie and old fashioned communist 22. More abuse of our veterans
1. Lie after lie, scandal after scandal WORST PRESIDENT EVER…/obama-worst-most-da…
2. Bernie is actually old fashioned communist. Bernie says he is a Democratic socialist but he actually is an old communist. Honeymooned in the Soviet UNION DANGEROUS RADICAL .…/bernie-sanders-is-a…
3. Journalists need to ask her these 30 questions:…/neverhillary-hillar…

If Republicans win: 1. No one comes into to USA until we know they are safe and will become Americanized. We will be a nation with borers. 2. Violent illegals deported 3. Taxes cut to promote growth and bring businesses back from overseas 4.our allies embraces and supported, our enemies and adversaries put down 5. Military rebuilt 6. Social security, Medicare and health care repaired 7. Supreme Court balance restored 8. Isis defeated 8. Iran’s effort at nuclear terror ended 8. Religious freedom restored 9. 2nd amendment guaranteed and much more

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