Sunday, March 8, 2015

Videos to help get ready for pesah

Purim is over. A Month to get ready for Pesah. My youtube videos on pesah to give you a great start!  
Intro to Judaism #10 Terms Pesah/Shavuot JewU 229
Seder Plate Basics for Passover JewU 23
Pesah Passover seder songs and prayers 1JewU 379
Pesah Passover songs 2 JewU 380
Passover's 5 names and meanings
Why no legumes kitniyote
Passover joke: Why is this night JewU 5
Quick bad Pesah humor jewu 407
Passover song Chad gadya the little goat explained JewU 4
Passover Haggadah explained briefly JewU 6
The 4 Passover questions in Yiddish -Yiddish 1

Pesah passover transformed rituals what is borrowed from other cultures? jewu 483

Shabbat Hagadol-why the title Great Sabbath? Jewu 403
Pesah haftarah 1-are you with us or against us Jewu 405
King Josiah, renewing bris, extirpating idolatry , Jewu 406 -Haftarah second day of pesah
ezekiel's dry bones and isaiah's messianic prophecy jewu 409- last pesah haftorote
love poetry in the Bible Shir hashirm pesah Jewu 408 -chanted on Pesah
child friendly seder tips

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