Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hillary is EVIL. We need to counter pressure any company that plans to sponsor the Democrat convention.

Liberals are pressuring companies NOT to sponsor Repub convention.
Hillary is EVIL. We need to counter pressure any company that plans to sponsor the Democrat convention. They get NO BUSINESS for sponsoring EVIL. Hillary?  Most corrupt, dangerous, lying, thieving, murdering monster to ever run for president
1. Worst Secr. Of State ever. Russian “reset” appeasement, supports catastrophic iran deal, Benghazi lie and incompetence let our ambassador die, treasonous treatment of highly classified material on personal server hacked by enemies, On her watch: Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen all collapsed into terrorist enclaves, helped birth Isis by misjudgment on Iraq pullout, worldwide terrorism grows, Israel thrown under the bus. Says fight Isis with love and kindness. Pro jihad .She is opposed to standard community policing of Muslim neighborhoods which was standard under Bush and opposed to waterboarding, which is the only way we got bin ladem , which she takes credit for. Hypocrite

2. Pathological liar: lied about her emails, Benghazzi Lie after lie., lied about beingnamed for Sir Hillary, lied about no gun fire dodging
3. Scandal after scandal
4. Phony Foundation financially supported by many terrorist nations and cop killing advocates Blacklivesmatter. How Clinton CORRUPTION works. Bill gets $750,000 speaker fees from countries asking Secr. of State Hillary for favors. They include the world's worst nations. Favors are granted. Bill says he will continue this when she is president because "he needs to pay the bills". see details n this book with 30 pages of footnotes: The phony Clinton foundation through which the cash was laundered spent 10% on charity. the rest on financing their lavish lifestyle.
This is besides the treason she committed by allowing private server emails to be hacked by our enemies. 150 FBI agents working on those crimes, though doubtful Obama will ok FBI recommendation to prosecute.
If you aren’t for Trump now, then you are for corrupt, lying, dangerous, murderous, women abusive, fascistic, incompetent, pro Islamic terrorism-anti Israel Hillary
Obama worst POTUS ever. Jihadist.
Hillary wants to continue Obama legacy.
4. Wants to continue Obamanomics, 8 years of recession, doubling US debt, middle class losses, record poverty, and Hillary wants to continue it
5. Led abuse of women her husband raped and abused.
6. Missing $6 billion while led State Department. What happened to it
7. Emails show deep hatred of Israel
9. Leave borders wide open and not deport murderers and rapists who come across unimpeded. Supports importing 100,000 unvettable Syrian Rapefugees, raping their way through Europe now.
10.RADICAL Radical Domestic anti-growth political views. Her thesis was on Saul Alinsky, same influence as Obama had. Her plans will bankrupt USA. Plans $1 trillion in new spending.
11. Gun confiscation. Only criminals will have guns.
12. Women Bill abused worried she’ll be killed by Clinton’s. 80 close associates are dead.
13. Journalists need to ask her these 30 questions:
14. Huge # dead associated with them.

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