Wednesday, February 1, 2017

As promised, Trump delivers

                            First weeks:
1.       Deregulation starts as promised
2.       Terrorists entry restricted starts 57% US approves as promised
3.       Wall set in motion as promised
4.       Isis eradication plan ordered as promised
5.       Israel allowed to build apartments in Israel not condemned by us as promised
6.       Iran put on notice as promised
7.       Scalia clone nominated to SCOTUS as promised
8.       Obamacare eradication set in motion as promised
9.       Bibi invited to White House. Israel/US ties fixed as promised
10.   Churchill bust returned to Oval office as promised
11.   Excellent cabinet nominated as promised
12.   Slow growth government through hiring freeze as promised
13.   Saves American manufacturing jobs as promised
14.   Asks and gets cut in price of government equipment
15.   Sets in motion infrastructure rebuilding planning
16.   Hysterical, hypocritical, radical left going nuts. Predictable

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