Thursday, February 23, 2017

Something every Jew needs to know. Why are we called Jews?

Something every Jew needs to know. Bibi alluded to it in his joint press conference with Trump. Why are we called Jews? Hebrew for Jews Yehudim. Singular is Yehuda. Yehuda is name of Tribe of Judah in Hebrew in the Bible. After King Solomon died, Israelites split into 2 nations. 10 tribes in North = Israel. Judah and Benjamin in South. In 722 BCE, when Assyrians conquered the 10 norther tribes, (the nation of Israel) all that was left intact was Judah, which contained Jerusalem, made capital of Israel by King David in 995 BCE before King Solomon. The area was then JUDEA, and the inhabitants JEWS/Yehudim. Palestine was the name the Romans gave the area much later. The Palestinians were Jews, formerly of Judea. Arab Palestinians are a made up entity of the 20th century. Arab Palestinians simply LIE about their past.There is NO truth to it.

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