Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump reverses Obama's iran appeasement

Dismantling Obama's Iran appeasement strategy. General Kelly told Iran they are on "notice" after another violation of never signed accord. Trump told them "all options on the table". Thank Gd the Islamists are out of power and adults have taken over. You Jews backing Obama should be ASHAMED.

US and Israel now agree on opposing Iran deal, but remain unsure how to fix it

By Yaakov Lappin/

Before being elected last November, President Donald Trump described the Iran nuclear agreement as “the worst deal ever negotiated” and said he would act to dismantle it. This position echoes the frequent comments on the deal by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Yet it remains far from clear whether the defense establishments of Israel and the U.S. would like to see the nuclear deal canceled, despite the deep misgivings and concerns they both hold about the accord. Prof. Eytan Gilboa, an expert on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and the founding director of the School of Communication at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, said there is wide agreement across the Trump administration that the nuclear deal is insufficient, yet it also “remains unclear how Trump and the Pentagon wish to fix its shortcomings….In Israel too, there is an agreement that the deal is not good, but there are disagreements over how bad it is, and what can be done to address its faults.”

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