Friday, February 10, 2017

Jewish anti-Trumpers are so naive they’d buy their own ticket to the gas chambers

Jewish anti-Trumpers are so naive they’d buy their own ticket to the gas chambers.

Reality/truth/facts do NOT MATTER to Democrats. Poll shows those who have EXPERIENCED Syrian refugee immigration, in 10 European nations, overwhelmingly OPPOSE it. It is destroying Europe. Isis promised to smuggle in killers there and succeeded as they promise to smuggle them in here. Offer your Democrats neighbors a bag of M&Ms and tell them 10% contain cyanide and you can't tell which ones. Ask them if they'd eat from the bag.

Liberal stupidity. They claim Trump immigration order will aid ISIS recruitment. Idiots. Europe had OPEN BORDERS. Welcomes immigrants. ISIS brags about smuggling selves in among them and terror ensues regularly. This is irrefutable evidence open borders leads to terror. We obviously need to ban refugees from shariah predominate nations until we can GUARANTEE they can PROVE they will abide by Constitution, be peaceful, and embrace American values. Otherwise they belong in world where they'd be more comfortable.

It is very dangerous to deny an elected president the ability, as commander-in-chief, to fulfill his oath of protecting us. The Judges ruling against him were not elected.

Jews: There are at least 4 commandments VIOLATED in fighting the ban on immigration from terror laden nations.
1. Sacanat nefashote: one is forbidden to take an action increasing the chance of bringing harm to themselves. It is based on a verse from Dueteronomy requiring those building a house to build a parapet on the roof. Maimonides rules that any action resulting in the harm from failure to take adequate precautions is the responsibility of the one advocating the action.
2. Hypocrisy is forbidden. You never protested when Democrats Carer and Obama issued similar bans.
3. "Curse on the one who removes his neighbors landmarks" The refugees belong in nations that are Arabic speaking and support shariah. Overwhelming percentages of the refugees support shariah and jihad. Bringing them here harms us and them
4. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” has always been understood as first, love yourself, then your neighbor. Admitting Muslim refugees from shariah nations has resulted in massive rapes, murders, crime in Europe and will in USA too. Irresponsible to bring more here when they can be safely transplanted to safe zones in Muslim world

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