Friday, February 17, 2017

The MESS trump inherited after diasterous 8 Obama years

This is the biggest joke EVER> 

Historians rank Obama the 12th best president ever. Truth: Obama worst ever.

1.   That Obama’s abstention on UN resolution declaring much of Israel illegal occupied territory was rated the MOST Anti-Semitic ACT of 206 by Nazi Hunter Wiesenthal Organization? That his catastrophic Iran deal allows Iran to have missiles that can hit Israel.
2.   The Obama BFF Israel hater Rashid Khalidi said recently trump White House is “Infested with pro Israel people”
3.   That Hillary called 50% Trump voters “irredeemable deplorables”
4.   Obama gave us record POVERTY.
5.   Obama doubled all previous DEBT.
6.   Obama had worst ever economic growth record, never once achieving even % growth annually.
7.   Obama had pathetic low labor participation levels, making unemployment data irrelevant.
8.   Obamacare led to massive rate hikes, that Obama LIED when he poromised we could keep our doctor and plan.
9.   There was no INFASTRUCTURE improvement despite the boondoggle trillion dollar “shove; ready” stimulus.
10. This was worst ever “recovery” from recession in history.
11. Obama gutted our military.
12. Obama alienated our allies? Stabbed Israel in back repeatedly,
13. Obama’s appeasement of iran deal has continually overlooked their violations and rewarded worst nation in world with $150 billion.
14. That Isis was born under Obama and he called them JV and barely fought them while they flourished, 
15. That media covered up the 18 major scandals during his term, including iRS harassing pro-Israel groups.
16. That media colluded with Hillary to through steal nomination from Bernie.
17. That Hillary used her phony Foundation in pay-to-play scheme with world’s worst nations.
18. That Hillary lied repeatedly about her emails and jeopardized national security by having our top secrets on exposed, unsecured server.
19. Murder rates have soured under Obama.
20. Killing of cops soured under Obama.
21. Regular Islamic mass killings soared under Obama.
22. That there has never been a worse president than Obama.
23. That Democrats are adopting Gestapo fascist tactics more and more to suppress free speech, assembly, religion and gun ownership? Sarah Silverman advocating coup. Berkeley fires. NYU oppressive tactics. Violence at inauguration. VP candidate Kaine urging fighting in the streets?/Leftist Fight Club' trains UCF students to fight Republicans
24. That under Obama, Blacks did significantly WORSE by every measurable statistic.
25. Democrats hosting ILLEGAL "Sanctuary cities" in violation of the law, givng cover to violent illegal aliens.
26. Race riots based on FALSE Narrative of blacklivesmatter given fuel by democrats

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