Friday, February 24, 2017

What is the left protesting exactly? Trump plans to

What is the left protesting exactly? Trump plans to
·         Reversing Obama’s record poverty?
·         reversing Obama’s doubling all previous debt?
·         reversing Obama’s worst ever record economic growth over 8 years?
·         reversing Obama’s historic gutting of our military?
·         reversing Obama’s catastrophic Iran deal?
·         reversing Obama’s alienation of all our allies?
·         reversing Obama’s leading from behind which gave birth to Isis?
·         reversing Obama’s record business killing regulations?
·         reversing Obama’s immigration polices allowing in unvetted refugees from nations that are average 74% anti-Semitic?
·         reversing Obama’s catastrophic Obamacare where costs rise hugely, doctors and plans we chose lost, Medicaid expansion killing states?
·         reversing Obama’s policies endorsing blacklivesmatter which led to record killing of cops and race riots?
·         reversing Obama’s policies that led to worsening race relations?
·         reversing Obama’s policies chilling free speech?
·         reversing Obama’s polices of highest corporate tax rate in world?
·         reversing Obama’s policies allowing for adversaries Russia, China, North Korea and iran to all grow bolder and expanding?
·         Calling out collusion between mainstream media and Democratic party?
·          Reversing failed public school monopoly, denying poor families school choice?
·         reversing Obama’s policies of chrony capitalism?

·         reversing Obama’s policies limiting exploration of our natural energy, maing us more dependent on other’s energy?

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