Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Democratic NAZI Party of USA/More and more mainstream Democrats are adopting NAZI tactics to achieve their radical leftist agenda:

  • Democratic NAZI/Fascist Party of USA/More and more mainstream Democrats are adopting NAZI and fascist tactics to achieve their radical leftist agenda:
    ·         -Threaten or execute violence against opponents: Hillary “can’t we drone Assange?” /Madonna “blow up White House” /Obama coordinating hiring of thugs to incite violence at Trump rallies/ many calls to assassinate Trump
    ·        IRS which harassed conservative and pro-Israel group’s director visited white House hundreds of times
    ·        -They embrace blacklivesmatters which embraces Muslim terrorism and advocate killing police
    ·        Major funder is Nazi lover George Soros, who spent $33 million hiring rioters at Ferguson and Baltimore and Hillary’s # top donor
    ·        -Obama 18 major scandals covered up by press
    ·        -Hillary major scandals covered up by press
    ·        Hillary pathological lies covered up by press.  Wikieaks proved collusion mainstream media and Democrats
    ·        Want to limit freedom of speech. Example desire to criminalize anti Muslim talk and challenges to climate change phony science.
    ·        -Want gun confiscation of guns from law abiding citizens, just as Hitler, Mao and Stalin did.
    ·        -Racist vs Blacks from inception. Decimate Blacks. They control most inner cities, with massive black poverty, rising black on black murders. They have done nothing to improve it in 60 years. Always fought civil rights legislation. Were KKK and slave owners.
    ·        Israel haters, pro Islamic terrorism. Birthed Isis.
    ·        -Democrats refuse to take measures to keep us safe. Massive spike in murder rates in urban areas. Massive increase mass shootings under Obama. Massive increase in Islamic terror incidents. Massive cyber hacking by foreign entities and Hillary leaves our top secrets on unsecured server. Obama gutted our military. Horrible border control allowed illegal criminals and isis in. Glad a grown up has taken over.
    ·        -For head of the DNC, Democrats can choose between
    Hamas member in Congress Black Muslim follower now lying about it Now they want Hamas’ rep in Congress, Keith Ellison, to head the DNC,…/very-troubling-demo…
    white woman who says her job will be to shut out other whites/…/white-candidate-for-dnc-chair-say…/
    ·         Anti-Semitism./Jew hatred  Obama BFF rashid Khalidi said that with trump White house “infested with pro Israel”
    ·        UC Berkeley massive crowds of violent thugs force shut down of conservative speaker, using force, fires etc. Berkeley police do basically nothing. Democrats are becoming more and more Nazi like everyday. We need law and order. They all belong in jail for a very long time. They actually seem to want a civil war.

    ·         Hillary wanted to assassinate Assange and media ignores

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