Friday, February 3, 2017

Democratic Fascist Poll Ask them if they support....

Democratic Fascist Poll
Ask them if they support
1.       The 12,000 twitter calls to assassinate president trump
2.       Sarah Silverman calling for military coup
3.       Madonna wanting to blow up White House
4.       Calls to rape Melania
5.       Calling Barron Trump autistic
6.       Calling Trump Hitlerian
7.       Violence to shut down conservative and pro-Israel speakers on campuses throughout USA, including this week at UC Berekely and NYU
8.       Soros hiring thugs to commit violence at inauguration
9.       White House coordinating hiring thugs to incite violence at trump rallies during campaign
10.   Hillary calling to assassinate Assange with a drone
11.   One of Main speaker at Women’s march Jew killing terrorist supporter
12.   60 Congress people boycotting inauguaration
13.   Democratic calls to criminalize free speech against Islamic jihad
14.   Confiscation of all guns like Stalin and Hitler
15.   Calls to criminalize free speech challenging Climate change science

We have to know the extent of fascism in our society today.

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