Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A wedding and 2 funerals

A wedding and 2 funerals. At a meeting with prospective wedding couple the groom asked me what i had learned after 35 years of officiating at funerals.I told him I learn from every funeral.
Today. 2 funerals. 2 lessons.
Funeral 1 . 90 year old lady. Pretty typical. 65 year old son was inconsolable. Atypical. He said to me, "I only had her 65 years and it was not enough." How do you engender that kind of love?
Funeral 2. 23 year old. 35 years of funerals and (thank God) only a handful of those. Main thing that comforted the mother was disabusing her of idea her friends were telling her, that Judaism does not believe in eternal life. I told her we absolutely do. Maimonides principle of faith #13. Why did we fail to teach our fundamental beliefs?

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