Saturday, March 18, 2017

The DEBT Time to act like grownups, not Democrats

Time to act like grownups
We have a $20 TRILLION $ debt, half thanks to the incompetent/evil Obama 8 years (You pick).
Couple massive spending (except on military) + WORST EVER pathetic economic growth over 8 years (never once reaching even 3%) and we have landed here: an untenable situation which will bankrupt our children and destroy all our safety nets. It is getting increasingly more difficult to even pay the INTEREST on the debt.
Trump has trimmed the debt growth in his first month and asks for modest cuts, to try and have the government back to do only what it MUST, like rebuild the military gutted by Obama. Sure enough like clockwork, every trim he proposes for NON-ESSENTIAL programs, the democrats cry “will kill granny.”

Liberals cry Trump is killing “Big Bird”.
Tell me why hard-working, middle income Americans, where the vast majority of taxes come from, should continue to pay GENORMOUS salaries to non-profit officials for these programs you claim are so essential. If they are essential, then have your wealthy Hollywood folks and the limousine liberals in Manhattan ante up.
As Steven Hayward writes in Powerline blog
Investor’s Business Daily reports:
Last year, Sesame Workshop had $121.6 million in revenues. Of that, $49.6 million came in distribution fees and royalties and $36.6 million in licensing of toys, games, clothing, food and such. In 2014, only 4% of its revenue came from government grants.
Despite being a taxpayer-supported nonprofit, however, Sesame Workshop pays its top executives fabulously well.
According to tax filings — the most recent of which covers 2014 — then-president and CEO Melvin Ming was paid more than $586,000 in salary and benefits in the nine months before retiring, which included a $37,500 bonus and $18,700 in benefits. The year before that, Ming cleared $672,391 in salary, bonuses and benefits.
That’s five times the average pay for CEOs at nonprofits, according to Charity Navigator. The average compensation for the other 10 top officials at Sesame Workshop in 2014 was a very handsome $382,135 — which is about six times the median household income in the U.S.

Like all the other subsidies that flow out of Washington, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is just another fillip to rich people. Trump should not only kill it off completely, but abolish the Hollywood tax breaks while he’s at it. That should get Big Bird hopping.”

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