Tuesday, March 28, 2017

QUESTIONS: about FBI, illegal aliens, Russians

1. LA, NY and Chgo mayors vow to DEFY the LAW and protect ILLEGAL aliens. Ask: why are Dems so determined to endanger us by shielding violent felons who are here illegally? https://townhall.com/…/illegal-immigrant-crime-the-real-sto…
and why can't these mayors be ARRESTED for obstructing justice? They vow to obstruct ICE from doing their jobs.
2. Why is FBI agent inc charge of Russian investigation allowed to do so when his wife received $500,000 campaign contribution from Democrats? http://nypost.com/…/clinton-ally-gave-500k-to-wife-of-fbi-…/
Why is FBI not investigating obvious Russianl/Clinton collusion which led to Hillary approving transfer of 20% of our uranium to Putin which then went to Iran, after Bull got huge $ for speeches from them?

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