Sunday, March 5, 2017

Democrat trying to distract us from teasonous Democratic/Communist alliance. This is not macarthyism. This is real.

We need Congressional and FBI investigation Democratic/COMMUNIST collusion to commit treason and endanger USA.

No one Obama liked more than communist dictators. 

5 of our greatest adversaries in the world, China. Russia, Venezuela, Cuba and N. Korea all have 2 things in common. All are Communist nations and all benefited immensely from Obama/Hillary/Kerry regime. Not to mention the world’s worst nation, Iran, a Shiite Muslim terror nation, has a deep alliance with Syria/Russia/Venezuela  that Obama enabled by sitting on his hands.
Those Democratic bums. News broke today that then-Senator Jeff Sessions’ meeting with the Russian ambassador at the Republican Convention was arranged by the Obama State Department.
Who did Putin favor in the campaign and wanted to win? Hillary obviously. He played Hillary, Obama and Kerry like a fiddle. They HELPED HIM. . President Obama couldn’t wait to accommodate Putin and actually adopted policies that aligned with Russia’s in the Middle East. Russia can thank Obama for its new prominence in the Middle East. It was Obama himself who asked Russian President Dmitri Medevedev to deliver the message to Putin that he would have “more flexibility” to accommodate Putin after the 2012 election. Hillary Clinton served as Obama’s fool in the Russian “reset” and related matters.
     Senator Cotton captures the point in a quotable quote: “If you want to know what a pro-Russia policy would look like, Chris, here are some elements of it. You’d slash defense spending. You’d slow down our nuclear modernization. You’d roll back missile defense systems. You would enter a one-sided nuclear control arms agreement. And you’d try to do everything you could to stop oil and gas production. That was Barack Obama’s policy for eight years. That’s not Donald Trump’s policy.”
1. Famous Hillary reset button. See picture

2. Obama leaning over to Medvidev with open mike he thought was off and told him he’d be far “more flexible” after he won in 2012 see picture

3. RUSSIAN ran all over them in world affairs
a. becoming power player in Middle East after 50 years of US Presidents kept them out
b. Invading Crimea and we did nothing
c. Backing Assad violating Obama’s red line in Syria and we did nothing
d. Helping Iran with $150 BILLION

e. Got Hillary to transfer 20% of our uranium to them who then gave it to iran.
Democrats got taken BIG by Putin.No one could be this stupid unless they wanted to HELP
f. Top Democrats regularly met with top Russians and tried to cover it up.
Democrats got taken BIG by Putin.No one could be this stupid unless they wanted to HELP INCLUDING Obama meeting with ambassador 22 TIMES.
1. Senator McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, LIED about meeting Russians!!! tweeted that in her 10 years on the Armed Services Committee, she had received "No call or meeting w/Russian ambassador. Ever." But after confronted with a pair of her own tweets from 2013 and 2015 in which she described a meeting and call with Kislyak, McCaskill walked back her comment.
2. Senate Minority leader Schumer sharing dandy old time with Putin. See picture

3. House Minority leader Pelosi LIED about meeting Russians. Photo contradicts Pelosi's statement about not meeting Kislyak

B.      China
1.       In campaigning in 2007, Obama said it was unpatriotic to have so much debt “it is like talking a credit card out on the Bank of China. What did Obama do? Doubled our debt. Most of it borrowed from Chna.
2.       Under his regime, China expanded rapidly in South pacific, building fake islands and militarizing them.
3.       Obama let our Navy deteriorate so we could not challenge China in the Pacific.
4.       Obama allowed China to buy more and more US properties.
C.      North Korea Obama did nothing to slow N. Korea advancement of the rogue nuclear weapons program
D.     CUBA-brutal Communist regime 90 miles from us. Obama broke 80 years of tough realations to placate them.
E.      Venezuela, Obama went out of his way to befriend the brutal tyrannical Chavez, Did nothing to help Venezuela move from its brutal socialism and now they are starving, even as they spread terror throughout the hemisphere.

Obama has deep COMMUNIST TIES: Moreover, there are four excellent books out that detail Obama's Marxist background and how communists and socialists completely dominate his administration: The Manchurian President: Barack Obama's Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists, by Aaron Klein; The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, ...Nov 28, 2014
Remember Obama was tutored as a boy by self=proclaimed Communist Frank Marshall Davis.

How deep does this Democratic cover-up go and how treasonous is it? 

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