Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Trump DERANGEMENT SYNDROME at Wall Street Journal

Trump DERANGEMENT SYNDROME at Wall Street Journal
Bret Stephens, a NeverTRUMPER at the WSJournal,  wrote Tuesday
“if …can agree on anything, it’s that it’s NOT GOING WELL.”

Utter and complete nonsense!!
1.       Trump has to battle the Democratic propaganda Ministry (Mainstream media) in collusion with Democratic Party, as well as some in his own party, like McCain.
2.       Obama left us with a disaster, after worst presidency ever. see details below as a reminder
3.       Trump has had amazing success in a very short time, and started moving on much more to make America great Again. Fools like Stephens will never acknowledge this.
a.       Amazing job growth since he took office
b.      Amazing stock market run up
c.       Orders to reduce Obama’s business killing regulations
d.      Righted alienation of Israel and other allies
e.      Put Iran on notice
f.        Named great nomine to SCOTUS
g.       Cabinet selections will move us forward on curtailing EPA abuses, enhance school completion to enhance education, shore up police and military morale, etc
h.      Began enhancing military budget to reverse Obama’s gutting
i.         Backed plan to improve Obamacare disaster
j.        Reiterated desire for drastic and sweeping tax reductions to recharge economy whioch suffered worst EVER poor growth over 8 years of Obama
k.       Reduced debt in first month that Obama DOUBLED
l.         Started exposing Obama shadow government to disrupt Trump
m.    reversing Obama’s policies endorsing blacklivesmatter which led to record killing of cops and race riots?
n.            reversing Obama’s policies that led to worsening race relations?
o.       reversing Obama’s policies chilling free speech?
p.     reversing Obama’s polices of highest corporate tax rate in world?
q.      reversing Obama’s policies allowing for adversaries Russia, China, North Korea and iran to all grow bolder and expanding?
r.       Calling out collusion between mainstream media and Democratic party?
s.      reversing Obama’s policies of chrony capitalism?
t.        reversing Obama’s policies limiting exploration of our natural energy, maing us more dependent on other’s energy?
u.     Reverse policy of open borders, lawlessness, allowing illegal immigrants and terrorists to enter
v.     Reverse Obama policy of mass release of criminal felons and terrists

This is just short list of the amazing first few months


Obama, after his disastrous presidency, left the country worse off in every way. Trump laid out the case and asked for cooperation to fix it and Democrats SAT ON THEIR HANDS. They have no interest in making America better. All they care about is power, so they lie, try and distract us, cause turmoil. Democrats are evil and despicable. Trump plan to reverse and repair the mess Obama left after worst presidency ever and LEFT is uninterested except to block it.
• What Obama did to ruin USA: record poverty, doubled all previous debt, worst ever 8 year record of economic growth, worst recovery from recession, lied about Obamacare disaster, lied about catastrophic Iran deal, allowed Isis to be created, Al Quida to flourish as well as China, Russia and N. Korea to expand, alienated Israel, (most anti-Semitic act of 2016 according to Wiesenthal Center with UN abstention), did nothing to fix VA health scandal, gutted our military, record business killing regulations, open borders brought in million illegal aliens and unvetted Middle Eastern refugees, Obama’s policies endorsing blacklivesmatter which led to record killing of cops and race riots, Obama’s policies that led to worsening race relations, Obama’s polices of highest corporate tax rate in world, did nothing about failed public school monopoly, denying poor families school choice, Obama’s polices that led to Blacks doing WORSE in every measurable category under Obama,

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