Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Democrats are DETERMINED to ENDANGERE US: 1. let in as many as shariah and jihad loving Muslims as they can from countries that average 74% Antisemitism. 2. Fight deportation of violent illegal alien felons.

Another day. another Muslim terror attack. Right out of ISIS playbook.  Isis vowwd to send mass murderers to Europe and USA. Yet Democrats resist sensible protections. WHY ARE DEMOCRATS DETERMINED TO ENDANGER US?
LOOK at what "refugees' have done to destroy Europe. Why are Democrats and leftist judges obstructing efforts by President Trump to keep us safe when the Constitution clearly gives the president that responsibility? Why did they not make a peep when Democratic presidents did the exact same thing? Why do they push for bringing in people who we cannot vet properly, exactly like those destroying Europe now? This is not an issue of letting in poor refugees. It is about keeping us safe. Would you eat M&Ms from a bag, knowing some had cyanide but you couldn’t identify which?

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