Monday, March 6, 2017

Do Leftists really want a CIVIL WAR?

Do Leftists really want a CIVIL WAR? Increasingly violent fascist behavior

     -Obama's attorney general, Loretta Lynch advocates violent resistance and blood on streets. -Trump supporters bloodied at Berkeley over weekend. She needs to be arrested for sedition. I think some Democrats want violent civil war. Many are fascists. 
-Madonna tweeted wanted she thought about blowing up White House. 
-Sarah Silverman called for coup. 
-We know Obama’s White House hired thugs to incite violence at Trump rallies during campaign. 
-We know Dem financier Soros regularly hires professional protestors and rioters. 
-'Making History' Star Adam Pally Says He Wants To 'Kill Trump'
-  hip hop video has assassination
     If Schumer and Pelosi do not deescalate things down on their side, it may get bloody. Republicans control the military
Government in 3o states and overwhelming support of police. There are 300 million guns out there, most I guess in hands of Trump voters. Does Loretta Lynch really want blood? Notice how Bernie, Schumer and Pelosi refuse to condemn Bernie supporter arrested for anti Semitic acts. Like all leftists, today's Democrats evidently do not believe in democracy.      Ask yourselves which countries benefited most by obama presidency? Answer? Communist China (expansion South pacific with our gutted Navy, plus we doubled our debt to them), Communist, Russia (Crimea, 20% our Uranium, foothold in Middle East), Communist Cuba, Communist N' Korea testing missiles without consequence, Iran ($150 billion). Socialist Venezuela (Obama Chavez buddy buddy), Iran increases ties to Russia, all brutal dictatorships, almost all leftist.

Obama telling Russian Prez he'll be more flexible in 2012. 

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