Thursday, December 10, 2015

Allowing Muslims into the country now violates the US Constitution and federal law in several ways.

Allowing Muslims into the country now violates the US Constitution and federal law in several ways. “When you are merciful where you ought to be cruel, you end up being cruel where you ought to be merciful. “ (Jewish Talmud). That is exactly the issue with all the pc fools in the world. Fools in the west think there is some way we can appease these Islamic genocidal monsters. The PC crowd resist calls to stop Muslim immigration until we can vet them properly, they will end up destroying the US and the western world by their “mercy”.
When Roosevelt banned ALL Germans and Japanese from immigrating in WW2, and when Carter banned ALL Iranians in his term, they did not believe ALL of them were dangerous, but enough to constitute a clear and present danger to the citizens they were sworn to protect. 
Trump is 100% right. Allowing more Muslim immigration at this time VIOLATES the Constitution and the Law. They present a clear and present danger to us. 98% world terror is from muslims. No one has a RIGHT to immigrate to the USA. The USA has every right to determine from which countries immigrants are allowed. Many countries allow NO MUSLIMS or are considering expelling them. Anyone seeking to overthrow the USA or presenting a violent danger must be precluded, by law. The Constitution’s preamble provides the US MUST provide for the “general welfare and common defense”. Allowing Muslims into the USA now violates that preamble. Therefore, Trump’s plan is not unconstitutional. (Whether it is a religion is immaterial because the law The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 states that Aliens who are affiliated with any "organization" that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited. It also prohibits those who distribute literature that advocates the overthrow of our country, which would include the Koran. The Qu'ran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule.
SEDITION: 51% US Muslims believe in shariah, which is sedition. In law, sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent (or resistance) to lawful authority. The courts have referred to it as reliable evidence of, the Founding Fathers' intentions regarding the Constitution's meaning and what they hoped the Constitution would achieve
Besides the milloion muslims Obama has allowd in, he wants 10,000 unvettable Syrain refugees, 80% of whom are military age, and who are being recruited by isis
Trump’s plan is constitutonal and allowing Muslims in is a violation of the constitution.
25% IS MUSLIMS support violent jihad. 
. 65 Muslim nation REFUSE to absorb Syrian refugees. What do they know we don’t
Obama and Hillary both support radical Islamic jihad. The evidence is overwhelming but people are very reluctant to admit it.…/obama-is-jihadist-hu… and Hillary is the MOST CORRUPT and DANGEROUS person ever to run for president. And a pro jihadist advocate to boot. .…/hillary-is-most-corr…

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