Saturday, December 5, 2015

The correct answer to why Obama aids and abets radical Islamic jihad is important

The correct answer to why Obama aids and abets radical Islamic jihad is important
It is apparent to anyone with common sense that Obama aids and abets Islamic jihad. You wonder why he can never says “radical islamic jihadist” and he and his fellow leftists blames obvious terrorism on a. climate change (Bernie sanders) b. guns (Obama) c. unemployment d. lack of hugs (Senator Feinstein) e. workplace violence (Obama)
Here are 300 or so examples of his jihadism
Pundits flounder around trying to understand how Obama could so obviously get the issue of Islamic terror so wrong. The question is why is important. Their Theories:
a. he is stupid. Does not strike me as so though he has never released any school records and often says incomprehensibly stupid things. Stupidity does not explain it.
b. mentally ill. I know Michael Savage says all liberals are mentally ill. Other than that syndrome, Obama may be a certifiable narcissist, but I don’t think that explains his jihadism.
c. Leftism: some of the right says that the general leftist critique of the world is all success of USA is stolen from others and therefore terrorism arises out of the inequities USA causes by being so rich. That is obviously insane (from which Arab nation did Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford or the wright Brothers steal their ideas?), and Obama believes it, but that does not explain the 285 pro jihad actions he has taken.
d. He needs to be educated. Nonsense. He skips most of his briefings and IGNORES the direct advice of his intelligence people and military advisors. He knows what the story is and chooses to do what he wants.
d. Correct answer: He is a radical Islamic jihadist. 1. Father was Muslim. 2. Brother high ranking Muslim Brotherhood. Obama educated in Indonesian Muslim schools. 4. Rev. Wright, Obama’s Communist and pseudo Christian (used to be Nation of Islam) Minister says Obama came and asked how to convert to Christianity without leaving Islam 5. Huge body of video evidence of his embrace of Islam and see 6. Has been friends with radical Palestinian jihadists for decades

ok Obama supporters: explain this:

We can expect nothing meaningful from him in the way of confronting Islamic jihad. He empowered Iran. He pretends to fight Isis. He accelerates Muslim immigration to USA even though 25% support violent jihad. And if America is stupid enough to elect Hillary, there will be no improvement. See

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