Sunday, December 13, 2015

The left is delusional about Islam:We cannot coexist with Muslims.

  Democrats dangerous denial of Islam’s inherent dangers to us
Anyone who believes we can coexist with Muslims has no idea what Islam, or is being suicidally PC,  or is a proponent of radical Islamic jihad (Obama is see 277 examples of his pro Islamic actions

This is not ALL Muslims, but huge % are shariah supporting, and pro violent jihad.
     Our Democratic Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, who has deep Muslim connections from her days at Harvard, now threatens to prosecute anyone who tells the truth about Islam.
     The Dems top candidate, has deep pro jihad history. Hillary is the MOST CORRUPT and DANGEROUS person ever to run for president. And a pro jihadist advocate to boot.

The Democrats excuse obvious Muslim terror by
a. Making fun of it
b. Blame it on lack of gun control
c. Blame it on climate change
d. Say the way to fight it is more kindness and love
e. Say the terrorists just need
f. more jobs (Bin laden was a billionaire)
anything but the truth:
Reality: Islam has been violent and barbaric from the beginning.

Remember 80% US Muslims vote Democratic.
In the US today, 25% Muslims ADMIT supporting violent jihad and 51% admit to sedition, wanting to supplant the constitution with shariah laws.  Many of the rest are in different stages of jihad, which allows them to PRETEND to be non-jihadist until they gain more power. Watch this video and learn
-Obama has imported 1 million Muslims, mostly from the most radicalized Muslim nations. -FBI says we CANNOT vet them properly, The San Bernardino killers were “vetted”.
 -Isis is recruiting heavily among the 80% of the Syrian refugees who are military age men, and have real Syrian passport machines and paper.
- The Qu'ran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule.
-The Saudis are financing radical Islamic Wahhabism all over the world

Besides ruining the economy, sparking racial unrest, increasing poverty to record levels And besides the worst foreign policy ever in US history (see all at
Besides all that: Their response to Islamic terrorism endangers us all:

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