Monday, December 7, 2015

Of course Trump is correct that we must immediately STOP all Muslim immigration to USA

Of course Trump is correct that we must immediately STOP all Muslim immigration to USA until we can figure out what is happening. The fact that Obama, Hillary, Cheney and Southwest Baptist leader all oppose him just demonstrates a. 2 of them are jihadists b. the others are PC and that will destroy us if we allow it to. Sen. Paul initiated legislation to do what trump is asking for.
We are in a CIVILAZTIONAL STRUGGLE with Orthodox Islam.  Not all Muslims, but huge numbers of them, determined to bring down the West and replace it with shariah law + kill all the Jews and anyone else who oppose them.
What are the FACTS??
1. 25% current USA Muslims admit they support violent jihad.
2. 51% current USA Muslims want to impose shariah law.
3. 60% French Muslims admit they support suicide bombing some or all the time.
4. Obama has been importing massive amounts of Muslims into USA without attracting much attention, throughout his term, many from jihadist nations like Pakistan where support for violent jihad is 80%.
flooding nation with Muslim terrorists
         5. The Qu'ran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Yes the Old Testament has violent verses too, but they were mitigated totally by the rabbis in Rabbinic literature. No such Reformation ever took place in islam ( the Quran is still the overwhelming text read and studied by Orthodox Muslins, hence over 40% support violent jihad.
6. 98% world terrorism is Islamic caused see
7. 80% Syrian refugees are military age men. 13% admit supporting Isis.
FBI says 0 chance we can properly vet them. The California Pakistanti immigrant who just killed 14 for Isis was vetted and passed.
8. Homeland security employs 72 people on terror watch list. Top executive is member of Moslem Brotherhood. Obama has hired many Moslem brotherhood terrorist into his administration. Massive Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of government at obama's directives

9. Iran chants death to America, was building nuclear bomb and we just gave them $150 billion to buy ICBMs.
10. Huge % of Palestinians want Israel gone and the Jews dead.
11. You decide. 270+ acts of Obama that sure seem like pro jihad. Is he or isn’t he?
12. 65 Muslim nations refuse to take in Syrian refugees. What do they know that we don’t?

13. USA Muslims do not help FBI finding the many dangerous radicals

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