Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ridiculous ways Democrats excuse islamic terrorism

-all Dem leaders deny it is related to Islam and make fun of legitimate terror concerns

- OBAMA : workplace violence (Fort Hood) , or a matter of gun control (San Bernardino) tell that to 9-11 victims, or Isis Russian plane victims, or Israelis who daily get stabbed, bombed, or rammed by cars). Now that we have all the info that San Baradino killers were both radicalized and planning attacks even before they met and they had IED's and pipe bombs, Obama still says it's all about gun control!

-HILLARY says : “fight terror with love and kindness”, Hillary? Beyond ridiculous. When asked how the country could confront a new wave of hate and fear, Hillary’s response sounded less like that of a commander in chief than of a soothing self-help guru. "We've got to do everything we can to weed out hate and plant love and kindness," she told a crowd of several hundred???? Fight Isis with love and kindness?
-BERNIE Sanders says Islamic terrorism is because of climate change.
-Other Democrats say Muslims kill us because they need jobs. Economic disparities are a main source of terrorism and “Western nations have themselves largely to blame for that inequality.” So says French economist. Bin laden needed a job? He was a billionaire.

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  1. All groups of people have good and bad people, but muslims seemed to have monopolized bad and evil !!!