Friday, December 4, 2015

Obama/Hillary trying to fake us out

  Obama/Hillary trying to fake us out
Obama/Hillary are trying to divert our attention from the obvious catastrophe looming of radical Islamic jihad on our shores. They have actively aided and abetted it ( 280+ examples here…/obama-is-jihadist-h…) Just as they admitted selling Obamacare based on the “stupidity of the American voter (Jonathan Gruber chief Obamacare architect), they are now relying on our stupidity to tell us Islam is a religion of peace. This, despite there being 40+ Islamic terrorist events in USA since 9-11, (see list here and Isis proudly proclaims they are gunning for us, as Iran chants “death to America”. The liberals insist we should believe Muslims beheading us and killing us here are because of climate change (Bernie Sanders said) , loose gun laws, not enough hugs or jobs, or workplace violence, and 99% want “what we want”.
They try and weaken us by starting race riots and handcuffing the police and FBI.
To my well meaning, pathetically delusional foolish fellow Jews, including the 1000 rabbis who signed the letter advocating important Syrian refugees, the 350 rabbis who signed on to Obama’s genocidal Iran deal, the head Reform rabbis who last week blamed lack of progress on Israel’s “occupation” and ”settlements” etc,: you do not evidently concern themselves with the results and impact of their policies, as long as they feel the right things. They can make an odious analogy that Syrian refugees are just like Jews fleeing Hitler, regardless of the facts that 80% are military age men, 13% admit supporting isis, our FBI says 0 chance we can vet them. They ask we bring thousands to the USA when NO Muslim nation wants any, and we already have a Muslim population, 25% of whom support violent jihad. 
You blame Israel for no peace with the barbarian Palestinians, despite 2 offers from 2 different Israeli prime Ministers for Palestinian sovereignty and unilateral pullout from Gaza, and despite unrelenting violence and support for it from all leaders and all factions of the Palestinians. They do NOT want peace.
You grotesquely ignore the realities of iran’s terrorist activities and promises to wipe out Israel, and support $150 billion for iran to buy more and more weapons, even as we learn this week what we all knew to be true, that…/iaea_report_iran_is_lying_…Can't you discern that the BDS movement wants to destroy israel, not boycott it? Isn't boycott how Hitler started?
We face a very serious struggle and these children live in lala land while some of their leaders work for the enemies.

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