Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The question of the time is WHY do Democratic leaders want to increase our danger from Islamic terrorists?

The question of the time is WHY do Democratic leaders want to increase our danger from Islamic terrorists?
From Nigeria to Egypt, from Iraq to Israel, from Mali to Paris, Islamic terrorist groups are massacring innocent people. FACT: HUGE % of worldwide Muslims support violent jihad They ALL do so in the name of Islam. Hillary and Obama LIE when they say this terrorism has no ties to Islam. Before it was Al Qaeda, now it is the Islamic State—. They're called Boko Haram, Lashkar-e-Taiba in India, Al Shabab in Somalia—. What ever the flavor du jour, there will always be another name. But they are all committed to one thing: The destruction of Western Civilization.
1.         Not all Muslims are currently radical Islamic terrorists, but 99% of world terrorists are Muslim.  But we cannot know because a. Islam allows LYING to advance the cause and b. there are many stages of jihad, including waiting and blending in until there is enough Muslim power to conquest.         
2.         Islam’s GOAl is complete domination and forcing shariah.  Bernard Lewis is regarded as the West's leading scholars of that religion, views Christendom and Islam as civilizations that have been in perpetual collision since the advent of Islam in the 7th century. He argues the struggle between the West and Islam was gathering strength. He also believes mutual assured destruction is not an effective deterrent in the case of Iran, because of what Lewis describes as the Iranian leadership's "apocalyptic worldview" and the "suicide or martyrdom complex that plagues parts of the Islamic world today. The Qu'ran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule.
3.         USA CURRENT Muslims: 25% admit to supporting radical violent jihad for any insult to Islam and 51% admit to wanting shariah to replace the Constitution, which is sedition. There have been dozens of Islamic jihadist terror events in USA since 9-11  Obama is LYING when he claims 99.9% Muslims want what we want.  Brigitte Gabriel reports  “70% of American mosques are radicalized.”
4.         Obama has allowed in 1.5 million more Muslims since his term started.
5.         Now Dems want 200,000 Syrian refugees to come. A. why are 0 Muslim nations taking any? What do they know the Dems do not? b. 80% of the refugees are military age men c. Islamic jihad calls for jihad through immigration d. 13% ADMIt to supporting Isis e. ALL of our intelligence agencies say we cannot VET them. F. San Baradino killer was vetted.  The Syrian refugees in Europe have led to massive increase in crime, rapes, welfare,
6.         All Dem leaders deny Islamic terrorism is related to Islam and make fun of legitimate terror concerns
Hillary: LACK OF LOVE: When asked how the country could confront a new wave of hate and fear, Hillary’s response. "We've got to do everything we can to weed out hate and plant love and kindness," she told a crowd of several hundred.
JOBS:-Other Democrats say Muslims kill us because they need jobs. Bin laden needed a job? He was a billionaire....
5.  Why do the Democrats excuse Islam from terrorism?
A. 80% Muslims vote Democratic.
B. Hillary foundation has taken many millions from Jihadist nations and groups and her top aid for decades, comes from Muslim Brotherhood family.
           C. Obama and Hillary aid and abet Muslim terror. Read these 280 examples of Obama promoting Islamic jihad and ask yourself how can this be. 
Our Democratic Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, who has deep Muslim connections from her days at Harvard, now threatens to prosecute anyone who tells the truth about Islam.…/loretta-lynchs-pro-muslim-rhet…/.
Democrats endanger us.

Save USA and world? Elect a Republican president. That is our only chance.

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