Friday, December 25, 2015

Biggest 10 stories of 2015

Biggest 10 stories of 2015
1. Obama makes worst ever deal with worst terrorist nation on earth Iran, a deal Iran won't sign,
2. Islamic terrorism: Paris, French train, Russian plane, San Baradino, + Obama pretends to fight Isis, saying they are contained even as they spread terror all over world. Obama refuses to acknowledge the growing threat of Islamic terror
3. Obama's precipitous pullout from Iraq after Bush stabilized it, and Obama's failure to act after violation of red line by Assad led to isis and massive Muslim immigration to Europe, as they rape their way through. Why do the Democrats want to endanger Americans by bringing in more Muslim refugees?
4. Obama has Soros finance Ferguson riots $33 million to exacerbate racial tension. Black Lives Matter advocates killing cops as murder rates soar
5. Obama economy continues to limp along with doubling all debt, record poverty, more businesses closing than starting, record low labor participation rate
6. Obamacare collapsing as they cooperatives go bankrupt
7. Massive illegal immigration on southern border, and massive crime from these illegal immigrants
8. Hillary exposed as pathological liar (Benghazi hearings,, emails) , corrupt (Foundation took huge foreign money so ill could increase speaker fees) )
9. Trump and Cruz top Republican field as America shows disgust with Obama and week kneed Republicans who mimic Democrats.
10. Israel not only has to deal with Palestinian barbarians stabbing, car ramming and shooting, but a jihadist US President
Obama and Hillary aid and abet Muslim terror. Read these 280 examples of Obama promoting Islamic jihad and ask yourself how can this be.

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