Sunday, June 7, 2015

Rubio 4 speeding tickets vs Hillary giving Uranium to iranians through her Fopundation

Example of how pathetically sick the Democrats are. New York Times has big expose on Rubio, that, aghast, he has had 4 moving violations since 1997 and his wife 13. That is the worst they can find on Rubio after much effort. Meanwhile, Hillary who has not driven a car since 1972, is involved in real scandal after scandal, including using her office as Secretary of State to make hundreds of millions, and trading Russian uranium to the Iranians. She is the most diabolical, unethical politician of the last 50 years and the liberals complain about 4 car violations in 18 years.
President Hillary Clinton? 30 reasons why not: scandal after scandal, Ben Ghazi, obviously took bribes as Secr. of State from Arabs and Iranian traffickers, is a serial liar, phony and hypocrite, supports Obama’s catastrophic Iran deal, has radical leftist economic views, has long history anti-Israel views, her top aid has deep Muslim terrorism ties, accomplished pitifully little as Senator and as Secr. of State was architect of Obama’s catastrophic foreign policy, where is the $6 billion missing from State Dept? Perhaps mass murderer, and so much more. 

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