Sunday, April 12, 2015

Why Mrs. Clinton would be a disastrous president?

Why Hillary would be the second worst president in US history
The Hillary Clinton Nightmare A note for 2016: the Democrats are the party that abandoned ‪‎Israel‬, enabled the rise of ‪‎ISIS‬, is now helping ‪‎Iran‬ to get a nuclear bomb, alienated all our allies and emboldened our enemies, and at home record poverty, doubling all previous US accumulated debt, middle class families lost avg. $2500, most Americans massive increases in medical insurance, 25% working age people not working, pathetic economic growth..

Why Mrs. Clinton would be a disastrous president?
1. As a human being, unfit for presidency
a. Constant scandals  (see notes below)
b. Played political games with foreign policy
c. Dishonest for decades
d. Most Americans think she is a liar by poll
e. She committed Email felonies and jeopardized US security
f. Temperamentally unsuited. ANGER out of control, unstable
g. Took and takes millions in “donations/bribes”from Arab countries even as Secr. of State
h. Lied about sniper fire.
i. Laughed about getting child rapist acquitted and passing poly
j. War on women. Organized effort to denigrate women complaining about predatory Bill  + The most BRUTAL ABUSERS OF WOMEN & CHILDREN RIGHTS. Iran & Saudi Arabia & Brunel have BEHEADED OVER 30 WOMEN IN 2015. They stand in line like pigs at a feeding trough slopping up ever $$$$$$$ they can. A disgrace to humanity..
k. Lied about being poor when she was very wealthy
m. Basing campaign on helping middle class when she charges $300,000 a speech, takes millions from Arab donors, does not report how foundation funds are used, and Dem policies cost middle income families avg $2500 per family last 6 years

2. No accomplishments as Senator or Secretary of State except explosion of Islamic terrorism
3. Radical Domestic anti-growth political views
4. Dangerous, Obama like foreign policy views / Pro Islamic jihad, anti Israel
a. Sides with Obama’s appeasement on Iran Long held anti Israel views
b. Anti Israel except when she is running for office.

 #!a Many of the Clinton era scandals in the 90’s – including the opening up of 900 confidential FBI files of political opponents – cast Hillary in a suspicious light. Nothing was proven, but you know how that goes. “‘Whitewater-gate,’ ‘Cattle-gate,’ ‘Jenifer Flowers-gate,’ ‘Nanny-gate,’ ‘Lincoln bedroom-gate,’ ‘Travel-gate,’ ‘Trooper-gate,’ ‘File-gate,’ ‘Paula Jones-gate,’ ‘Vince Foster-gate’, ‘Helicopter-gate,’ ‘White House Coffee-gate,’ ‘Web Hubbell Hush Money-gate,’ ‘Pardon-gate,’ ‘Illegal Gift-Gate,’ ‘Monica-gate,’ ‘Benghazi-gate,’ ‘Email-gate,’ ‘Wiped Server-gate,’”  “Hillary Clinton has more ‘gates’ than a South Texas cattle ranch, and Americans know it.”
 1b Hillary Clinton admitted her opposition to the troop surge in Iraq was politically motivated because she knew she would be facing Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary.
  1cHillary Was Fired During The Watergate Investigation. As her supervisor at the time put it, “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”
 1e Violated rules by having own server, lied about it, then deleted all emails after congress asked for them.

 #3 mentored by Saul Alinsky, as Obama was.
Obama's economy not improving after 6 years. Despite Dem lies, Dem policies CAUSED the 2007/08 recession, not Bush. LIBERALISM
#4. Example.

 What difference, at this point, does it make
 kissing Mrs. Arafat


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