Friday, June 10, 2016

Best case analysis. Hillary must be really stupid. Is she so STUPID, she can't figure out clearly top secrets SHOULD BE CLASSIFIED

Best case analysis. Hillary must be really stupid. Her main defense on emails is "none on her server were MARKED classified'. In reality, some were so top top secret that the 50 FBI agents investigating her don't have the clearance to look at them. Even allowing her lie that emails are not marked classified, still she was Secre of state. Is she so STUPID, she can't figure out our clearly top top top secrets SHOULD BE CLASSIFIED and are not safe on a private server stored in her home bathroom?
The other main lie is her claim the other Secr. of States did the same. A clear lie. None had PRIVATE SERVERS!!
White House admitted yesterday it is a "CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION"
Don’t nevertrumpers understand if Trump loses the GOP will NEVER AGAIN elect a President. Hillary will flood the USA with so many illegals who will get the right to vote before 2020 that that will forever close out GOP from Presidency. (Illegal immigration has exploded by 57% in less than two years with at least 550,000 new undocumented aliens pouring into America)
Hillary, the most corrupt, lying, treasonous, incompetent, person ever to run, is a low life scumbad. she wants to double down on worst presidency ever. She will exacerbate a terrible economy, weakened USA, alienated allies, enhancing our enemies.
Corrupt, Jihadist Obama is the worst president EVER in US history for 50 reasons. .
Her policies will further devastate obama’s ruined economy
SHE IS INSANE. Secret Service guy who knew Hillary 8 years in White house book says she’s INSANE

If you vote Hillary, shows you don’t care about the poor, world peace, economic growth, jobs growth, your freedom,

Bombshell: she is a racist

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