Thursday, June 9, 2016

Jihadist, anti American Obama endorses scum bag, low life, treasonous, evil Hillary

Obama endorses Hillary.
1. Why would he endorse radical, treasonous, lying, corrupt, scumbag, low life Hillary.
2. Corrupt, Jihadist Obama is the worst president EVER in US history for 50 reasons and shraes Hullary's ultra radical world wrecking views and is equalyy debased
3. Her policies will further devastate obama’s ruined economy
4. SHE IS INSANE. Secret Service guy who knew Hillary 8 years in White house book says she’s INSANE
5. If you vote Hillary, shows you don’t care about the poor, world peace, economic growth, jobs growth, your freedom,
6. Can't call yourself PRO ISRAEL and vote for HILLARY. She is viciously anti-Israel
a. Typical Democratic LIES that he is racist or anti-women
b. Why Trump could be a great President. Obama is the worst. Hillary dangerous

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