Monday, June 6, 2016

10 ways Democrats endanger us all. Hillary will double down on all these disasters.

10 ways Democrats endanger us all. Hillary will double down on all these disasters.
1         Gutted military in times of rising world tension
2         Open borders with huge surge in violent crimes from illegal aliens
3         Not taking seriously Islamic threat: Isis and Alquida grows, Iran $150 billion,
They Import millions of Muslims, 25% want jhad, 51% ant shariah, 100,000 unvettable Syrain rapefugees TRUMP PLEDGES TO DESTROY ISIS, STOP ISLAMIC Penetration until we can sort ut good guys frm bad guys, stop iran deal
      4.  Gun confiscation with one more Supreme Court pick  TRUMP WILL PICK COURT that will sustain right to bear arms
5. Our previous debt to Obama DOUBLED to $19 trillion  BILLIONAIRE TRUMP will cut debt
6. Record poverty under Obama. Dem welfare policy destroyed black families, led to massive surge in gangs, welfare dependency  REFORM welfare!
7. Obama financed riots, urges on cop killing blacklivesmatter, surge in murder rate because of “furgeson effect”  
8. Democratic rhetoric fuels efforts to shut down free speech, and freedom of assembly
9. Massive regulations, including Obamacare, stifle economy, poor economic growth
10. Uses IRS to harass political opponents
Videos on the Hillary disaster
Debased, corrupt, evil, lying, incompetent, treasonous, radical, pro jihad, Hillary STORY

b. Benghazi Hillary unfit to lead. Most dangerous, incompetent Secr. State ever

c.    “It is not criminal" is the BEST they can do for Hillary?
d.    Hillary women abuser The issue about referencing Bill is that Hillary LED the attack on the assault accusers!

f. Hillary refuses to face press in 2016. You wouldn't either if you were as corrupt and incompetent

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