Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hillary: The Other Woman details Hillary's racism


New Book Stuns Everyone With Bombshell About Hillary And Racism

"... we will destroy you."
Dolly Kyle is a former childhood friend of former President Bill Clinton. Recently, Kyle was interviewed by Fox News host Sean Hannity. During the in-depth conversation she revealed some shocking information about Hillary Clinton — information that could change how people view the Democratic nominee.
“Watch the imperious way Hillary treats anyone beneath her, especially young black women,” she told Hannity.
When Hannity asked if she was accusing Clinton of racism, she acknowledged she was and even went further to call Bill Clinton a racist.
“I am absolutely suggesting she’s racist,” she said. “And I talk in the book about the racial discrimination lawsuits that were filed against Billy when he was governor that were filed by blacks and by Hispanics. Did you know that at one point, he told the Arkansas state police to stop and search every car driven by a Hispanic in the state of Arkansas? And they sued him, took him to federal court, he got reprimanded by a federal judge, and he got so mad about that, he told the state troopers they could stop and search any car they wanted to search.”
Kyle has just written a book called Hillary: The Other Woman. In it, she details the numerous scandals of the Clinton family and the sexual relationship she had with Bill Clinton before he was married.
Even after he was married, the affair between them continued. But when the news media started to get details on Clinton’s extra-martial relationships, Kyle was issued a threatening warning. “If you cooperate with the media, we will destroy you,” Bill’s half-brother Roger told her.

Kyle says lost her virginity when she was raped at age 16 by a friend of Bill Clinton. When she told Clinton what happened many years later, his only response was, “I’m sorry that happened to you.

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