Monday, June 20, 2016

Hillary: (and the media hides it all)

Hillary: (and the media hides it all)
2.       Took bribes as Secretary of State from Nations that kill gays, want to destroy Israel, support terrorism  and enslave women,  all detailed in book Clinton Cash
4.       Insane, according to her Secret service agent of 8 years
5.       Let our top secret intelligence be hacked from her private server. Under criminal investigation by FBI
6.       Every decision she ever made has hurt the USA. Incompetent at every job she ever had.
7.       Wants to import unvettable Syriann rapefugees already raping in USA.
8.       Wants to confiscate all guns, leaving us defenseless
9.       Emails and statements reveal deep seated ant-Israel
10.   Wants to make us MORE dependent on Arab oil, killing coal and fracking
11.   Wants no border control and unlimited aliens
16.   Endangers our nuclear security through her bribery

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