Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Obama/HillaryWe need more alligators at Disney lagoons!!! It is not their fault one ate a 2 year-old.

Obama/Hillary. "It is NOT the alligators fault. We need more alligators at Disney lagoons!!!" She says we need to fight man eating alligators with “love and kindness.”
Muslim kills 40 in Orlando. Taliban father says he has no idea why son did it. Meanwhile Alligator eats 2 year old in Orlando.

Alligator in Disney lagoon grabs 2 year old wading in and kills him. Obama/Hillary say Alligator are peaceful. There are a few bad ones and it has nothing to do with radical Alligator. Say it has nothing to do with Disney allowing many Alligator in lagoons where 2 year olds roam. We should bring in many more Alligator to Disney, Alligator experts say we cannot distinguish peaceful Alligator from ones that will eat 2 year olds but Obama/Hillary say bring as many as we can to Disney. Obama makes FBI scrub any reference to alligators eating people from their training and investigations, Pew survey says more than 50% of Alligator will eat 2 year olds wading in lagoons where alligators roam but left says 99.9% of Alligator are peaceful and good citizens. Hillary and Bill have taken millions from alligator advocacy groups for their phony foundation to keep her quiet.

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