Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What will Bill’s title be if Hillary wins? RAPIST BILL

What will Bill’s title be if Hillary wins? RAPIST BILL. Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel got to #1 on their own. Benghazi Hillary is nominee because she was married to prez and let him rape women and then defended him and attacked the raped . Her reward for standing by him was Senate seat in state she never lived in and then Secr of state job she was worst ever at. The real glass ceiling broken is first ever non-politician nominated. TRUMP! Let first women Prez be someone who wins it on their merits.
Hillary’s campaign:  1. I am a female so vote for me. 2. Trump is bad. No details. why? she has zero she can say truthfully to defend the record she is running on for her disastrous ideas.
It is either Benghazi Hillary or billionaire success trump. 2 real choices only.

Nevertrumpers understand: If Trump loses, GOP will NEVER AGAIN win presidency. Hillary will continue Obama’s policy of flooding USA with illegals, then give them vote. (John Kerry’s “borderless world idea).  
If you plan to vote for Hillary, it shows you DON”T CARE ABOUT: the poor, blacks, women, Israel, terrorism, fascism of the left, jobs, our military being gutted, veterans, treason of top secrets being hacked from private server by our enemies, taking bribes for phony charitable foundation from enemies while Secr. Of State, corruption, lying, her doubling down on worst presidency ever, right of free speech, right to bear arms, religious freedom, right to assemble peacefully, the Benghazi dead, IRS abuse, economic growth, income inequality, illegal immigrant murders, voter fraud, hiring paid rioters, cop killing advocates, no borders at all, rising murder rates, allies betrayed, China and Russia and North Korea expanding, 150 FBI agents investigating her for possible treason, repealing Obamacare and Iran deal disasters, etc... 
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