Saturday, June 11, 2016

Exploding Hillary and traitorous Republicans like Romney’s attacks on Trump.

Exploding Hillary and traitorous Republicans like Romney’s attacks on Trump.
a.    Says he’s a racist. 30 years in public eye and not one accusation. But her? Racist Clintons are old fashioned southern Democratic racists

b.    Says he’s anti women: he’s hired and promoted thousands of women. Not one complaint. Hillary? She Abused the women Bill raped

And laughed about getting rapist of 12 year old girl off.
c.    Hillary asserts Trump's "make America great again" takes us backwards. She is doubling down on horrendous status quo.
d.    Says he’s unqualified. The guy only made $10 BILLION. Hillary? Obama says Hillary most qualified person ever to run? The OPPOSITE IS TRUE.  
      Benghazi Hillary unfit to lead. Most dangerous, incompetent Secr. State ever

     Hillary incompetent and unethical at EVERY job she's had, but keeps getting promoted. This job is too big to promote incompetent and unethical person to.  

e.    Says he’s unbalanced. Hillary is INSANE by those who know best. ?  Secret Service guy who knew Hillary 8 years in White house book says she’s INSANE

f. Her proxies are saying he’s like Hitler. Hillary and Dems are the new fascists. Want to destroy the Constitutional guarantees of free speech, religion and assembly and confiscate guns. A. paid rioters B. Supreme court to overthrow gun case Heller C. trying to criminalize speech vs climate change and islam. D. Tried to force catholic Little sisters of Poor to be required to give contraceptives until supreme court said no. Anti Free speech fascist Democrats using more and more violence to try and stop freedom  don’t give in to these radical fascists 15. Democratic fascists.  Elect Hillary or Bernie and lose our freedom
 Hillary wants to confiscate guns like Nazis and Stalin did
g.    Says he has no detailed plans. LIE. . Trump has detailed plans.
MEANWHILE: You have to be incredibly stupid, totally unaware of the facts, or morally debased, to vote for Hillary
a.      Hillary, the most corrupt, lying, treasonous, incompetent, person ever to run, is a low life scumbad.
c.       TREASONOUS HILLARY: Debased, corrupt, evil, lying, incompetent, radical, pro jihad,
d.      Trump and Hillary both in profit business. Difference? She sold out the nation to make hers. 
g.      Obama and Hillary lie and lie and morally bankrupt Democrats are fine with it. 6 examples
h.      .    “It is not criminal" is the BEST they can do for Hillary?
i.         Hillary and RAPE:
Everyone is disgusted with the judge who gave a very light sentence to the stanford guy who raped the student who was unconscious, as they should,
But Hillary:
1. LAUGHED hilariously about getting a rapist of 12 year old giril off when she was a lawyer
2.       Led the charge to attack the women Bill raped

and the evil Democrats still want to vote for her.

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