Sunday, June 19, 2016

Whatever negatives anyone has to say about Trump, it pales in comparison to the corruption and incompetency of Hillary.

Whatever negatives anyone has to say about Trump, it pales in comparison to the corruption and incompetency of Hillary. Every decision she ever made was bad for the nation. She and Bill took hundreds of millions $$$ from the world’s worst nations who obviously think they buy her acquiescence. All laid out in the book Clinton Cash. The Middle East fell apart on her watch. She is a pathological liar. Russia, China, North Korea, Iran isis, Alquida all expanded at our expense during her watch. Her top advisor is Muslim terrorist family. She justified Hamas terrorists shooting 10,000 missiles at Israel from schools and hospitals. Her carelessness with her server has led to 150 FBI agents investigating it as criminal and perhaps treason as our top top secrets were hacked by all our enemies. She has repeated and consistent SOLD OUT the nation for her pocket. Her 8 year secret service agent wrote a book claiming she is INSANE.
Furthermore, she doubles down on WORST PRESIDENCY EVER: Record poverty, double all our previous debt, more businesses failing than starting, lowest ever consistent low growth. She plans to making us more dependent on arab oil but killing domestic energy, gun confiscation, more business killing regulations.
Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Obama Administration's foreign policy made things worse at every turn.. Gorka: "Every Part of the World That Obama & Hillary Have Touched Is 'On Fire' In the Middle East. In Africa. In South Asia. Wherever they have touched a region, our enemies are emboldened and our friends and allies are fearful…." And now we are getting more and more accustomed to mass murders by muslims as Obama floods nation with them. CIA DIRECTOR says Isis will use refugees to bring in Isis supporters and Hillary wants massive increase in bringing them in.
Obama has doubled our debt, record poverty, more businesses closing than opening, given iran $150 billion
Trump has detailed plans to fix medicine, protect us from Isamic terror, defend Israel, stop iran, lower taxes killing business, reduce business killing regulations, build a wall to stop illegal immigration. He has been in the public eye 30 years and has only been praised by women and minorities until he ran into the Democrats, who only know to attack on racism and and to women, since they can win no real arguments.
Why electing corrupt, lying, morally despicable, leftist, pro-Islmo terrorism, inept Hillary would be a catastrophe

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